2020 Election

2020 Election: Woodland City Council candidates answer questions

Karen Rosenkilde-Bayne and Tom Stallard face off for Woodland’s District 2 seat

Yolo Elections Office

Below are links to the Yolo Elections Office and the documents in question as well as PDF documents containing the Final General Election Calendar and Final General Election Measure Calendar. 


General Election Information

Make a plan to vote November 3rd.

High School Voter Education Weeks

Woodland Joint Unified School District Resolution 2-21:

High School Voter Education Weeks, September 14-25, 2020, and April 19-30, 2021

WHEREAS, Education Code 49040 lists the last two full weeks in April and in September as “High School Voter Education Weeks,” and is supported by the Student Voter Registration Act of 2003; and

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