LWVGGB has many opportunities for local league members to become involved with the Greater Green Bay League. Interest Groups are a great way to learn more about Greater Green Bay and how government operates. There are many ways to work with the Greater Green Bay League.


The Climate Change Committee holds monthly meetings related to Climate Change.

League members are welcome to join the Climate Change Committee. For additional information contact Kathy Lefebvre at

The Education Committee, in conjunction with the State LWV has followed and analyzed the legislative activity relating to public education which has been considerable in the last year.

League members are welcome to join the Education Committee. For additional information contact Denise Gaumer Hutchison at

The Election Committee holds meetings related to elections.

League members are welcome to join the Election Committee. For additional information contact Julie Arneth or Joyce Mc Collum at


The Redistricting Committee works to develop a non-partisan redistricting process at the local level. To join the Redistricting Committee contact Helen Schwartz at 

The Health Care Committee studies concerns regarding the Medicare program. The group also looks at evolving health concerns, end-of-life issues, the impact to our health as a result of environmental pollution.

League members are welcome to join the Health Care Committee. Contact Sue Whittemore at for additional information.

The Natural Resources/Environment Committee plans Earth Day/Week events. Members attend meetings of the Citizen Climate Lobby (CCL) and the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC).

League members are welcome to join the Natural Resources/Environment Committee. Contact Kathy Lefebvre at additional information.


The Making Democracy Work Committee works with membership to nominate a member or organization for consideration to receive the Making Democracy Work award, which is presented at a dinner to honor the recipient.

The committee is looking for additional members to join in making the annual event successful. Interested members should contact Kathy Riley at or Julie Arneth at

Would you like to be a member of the LWV Observer Corps 2017? 
Participating in the LWV Observer Corps benefits both the LWV member who is discovering what is happening at the local government meetings as well as the elected officials who know that their procedures are being watched.

LWV has had observers attend the Brown County Board of Supervisors in the past, and this year we have added observers to the Green Bay City Common Council. The ​Brown County​ ​Board of Supervisors​ meets at City Hall, second floor at 7:00 PM.on the third Wednesday. The chair of the board is Patrick Moynihan, and there are 26 members with six standing committees: Executive, Administrative, Public Safety, Human Services, Education and Recreation, and Planning, Development, and Transportation. Green Bay Common Council ​typically meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the Council Chambers, Room 203, City Hall.

There is a simple report to fill out so that we have a record of attendance and any information that you may want to share. Many months, there is little or nothing extra to report. What we are looking for is discussion of issues relevant to our local and state LWV positions. it is an important time to be involved because the league is working hard to push both the city and the county to address redistricting and gerrymandering.

Look below to see a list of meetings and the months that we have members observing We still need observers as you can see. It is an easy way to both be involved and to learn. Could you spare one or two evening in the year to attend county or city board meetings? If so, email Barb Brown at You will learn a lot and forward our mission.

Volunteers are needed for The Green Bay City Council/City Council meetings for 2018.  Please click on the link below to add your name to a month or two to volunteer.


To join the Voter Services Committee contact Joyce Mc Collum at


Kathy Lockard at serves as the LWVGGB's Immigration liason.


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